If you’re like most people, you probably walked away from a seminar feeling pumped up, motivated, energized, inspired and ready to take on the world. But heading back into your daily hustle and bustle can make you forget all the energy you felt in that seminar true or false? (True).

Truth is, while getting motivated, a.k.a, fired up is easy, maintaining enthusiasm, excitement and commitment can be difficult down the line.

Most people use the word “fired up” to describe how they feel after attending a power packed seminar and like the word itself, “fire”, one has to keep adding fuel to keep it burning and hot.

You know what really??? It isn’t completely your fault to feel this way – de-motivated. What you’re feeling is simply called “life” and it has happened to almost half of the world too.

But here’s what you can do to ensure your investment at that seminar doesn’t go to waste;

  1. Connect: You must have met some lovely people at the seminar right and you must have exchanged contact information right? If you did, then this is the best time to call them up, chat them up or have a meeting with them over lunch/brunch. They can serve as a great support system for you as you journey to become successful in your endeavors.

You can discuss all you learnt during the seminar, your challenges, breakthroughs, action plan, etc. You can also brainstorm on each other’s ideas. For all you may be feeling, they may even be feeling twice of that and desire great help. Your call might be their saving grace.

Go on and ring them up now.

  1. Set Your Goals: Create a list of top 3, 5, 10 goals you would like to achieve with all you learnt at the seminar (if you haven’t done that already). Remember, a goal is only a goal if it has no corresponding action.

So create a plan of action, set a deadline too, and then follow it tooth and nail to ensure you achieve all. You can even create a goal board where you stick, paste or write your goals.

Ensure you place this board where you can see it in the morning and evening (as often as you can).

  1. Shut the Gates to Poor Thoughts: The only thoughts you and I are allowed to dwell on are thoughts that lift us, inspire us, and challenge us. Thoughts that cause us to move only in the right direction of our goals and life.

No doubt, poor thoughts will arise in your head from time to time, but you reserve the right to choose which ones to dwell upon and act on.

Remember the popular saying – “you cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you sure can stop it from poo-ing on your head”. True or false? (true).

Also ensure you positively affirm yourself everyday by speaking words of wisdom and power.

Say things like; {I am a world changer. I run my race and I finish strong. I am not my past, I am a new creation, and old things are passed away. Today, I am achieving all I’ve set out to do by the grace of my heavenly Father. My generation will hear my voice. I am making great impact. I am wealthy on all sides. Poverty is far from me. I have more than enough to fulfill my destiny. I run with wisdom, I am not foolish. I am the apple of God’s eye}.

Feel free to run your own lines as they are unique to you and where you are presently.

  1. Repeat: Sign up for another seminar as soon as you can. Don’t just attend one a year or one in six months and zone out entirely. You will never stay motivated that way.

You could also sign up for coaching with the host of the seminar (if you believe him or her can help you). Most people take coaching for granted, but we must realize that every successful person up there has someone around them that constantly push them even when they feel they can’t possibly go another mile.

A good coach can and will help you train hard and smart. If you must succeed and do it fast too, you should hire a coach. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Can you succeed without a coach? Yes you can. But you can avoid certain mistakes and pitfalls when you have someone who opens your eyes to see a pitfall in time and avoid it.

  1. Implement: Now put all of the above into action! Don’t take one and leave the rest.

Staying fired up is within your power.

Remember it is not those that hear that are blessed or become successful, rather it is those that hear and do – take action – implement that are blessed with success.

Now, go and conquer your world!

Got a comment? Feel free to leave it in the comment section. I really would love to hear from you.

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  1. I am lite up and am not going to let this fire quench. Thank you Emily inspiring me.

  2. Hi, ‘thumbs up’. I can’t say much here but I would really like to build ‘my brand’. Life coaches are rare in this part of the globe. I celebrate you and the success you have become. How do we connect? I need to learn a thing or 2 from you. I all ready subscribed to one of your list, looking forward to receiving a personal mail from you. Thank you.

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