6 Proven Steps To Making Big Money From Home With Your Smart Phone

According to reports, more mums are embracing the online business model and going on to set up profitable businesses from home around their skills, gifts, expertise, talents, passions and experiences. This is growing at an unprecedented speed and experts say it is as a result of wanting to be there for their kids and family.

As a mum of three myself, one of the many blessings I enjoy is being home with my kids everytime I want to. I see them off to school, I welcome them back from school and I get to play with them, as well as attend to their homework with them.  

I’m able to do all this because I run a coaching and training business from the comfort of my home and I am my own hit boss.

Okay so, virtually, I work according to my own terms and at my own pace. No boss breathing down my neck, no crazy deadlines (except the ones I set for myself), no being afraid of getting sacked, and all the other things people struggle with in life.

I am also not bothered about yearly shop rent, staff salaries, physical goods, furniture, etc.

I have created a powerful online business that allows me breath when I want and I can also sleep anytime I decide. In fact, what’s more of a blessing is that I can be having a baby and still make money. This online thing has changed the way businesses are set up and how money is made.

If you desire to start breaking rules as a mum or soon to be mum, then open your eyes very well and read the next lines carefully.

Making money online is REAL and whether or not you believe it, is totally up to you. If you will prefer to work for a boss all through your life and watch your family suffer your absence and unique presence, then it will be a choice you made yourself. Also, if you will like the freedom to be your own boss and get paid to impact the lives of other people, then this piece is for you.

Specifically, you will learn the 6 proven steps that I used to make a million from home using my smart phone …and I will not type anything here that you don’t need at the moment, because I will hate to overwhelm you in anyway.

So here are the steps…

  1. Start building the brand called you as soon as you can (this will help you start attracting people who will eventually pay you to teach them what you know).You can start doing this on social media by posting regularly or by going live using Facebook Live. If you already have been doing this and have people who look up to you, then hey, skip this step and go to step two.
  2. Decide on a topic you will like to teach your audience.Ensure the topic you pick is very familiar and loved by you. Basically, you want to be seen as an expert who knows what she is talking about, not a ‘wannabe’…
  3. Set up a WhatsApp group on your phone and share the link on social media.WhatsApp groups now allow you generate a link which you can share with others. You don’t have to manually ask people to send in their names to blab la bla number (this is just too stressful jor). I also used Facebook to boost my post for $10 and in no time, I got a full class of 256 persons).(how to generate a whatsapp group link)
  4. Offer to teach something valuable to the people that join your WhatsApp group (I taught them how to turn their passion into profit).Actually, the topic you choose to teach is what you will talk about in the post you will use to run your facebook advertisement. That’s if you decide to use Facebook paid adverts. If you already have a great followership on Facebook, you may not need to pay for adverts.
  5. On the set date, teach and offer tremendous value and help to members in your WhatsApp group. If you’re running a two day training, which is what I did, then don’t sell on the first day. Only offer teach and offer help.
  6. After a day or two, pitch your product (this could be a paid coaching service, online course, ebook or a physical product) to the people in the group and tell them how they should contact you to pay for your paid coaching.


I sold a N25,000 online program and I had been doing this for a while, which means, some people knew my brand. What this means is – don’t charge them too high for whatever it is you want to sell to them. Rather charge a minimal fee and get a reasonable number of people to sign up for your offer. Afterwards, you can increase your price.

Well, I did all the above listed and immediately I started seeing the results. People started contacting me privately for account details and all.

As a matter of fact, that very night, I received my first payment of N25,000 from one of the WhatsApp group members. The following day, I got more people to sign up and within two weeks, I had generated over N1, 000,000.00 helping people in a closed WhatsApp group with my smart phone.


  1. Create an offer (coaching, ebook, online audio or video course).
  2. Put a price on either of them – for illustration purpose, let’s use N25,000.00
  3. Do your maths (making money is a game of numbers, not rocket science) –

i.e; N25,000 X 40 = N1,000,000.00  (This means you will need to sell your product to a minimum of 40 persons monthly — if you can do more, then you can make more).


***If you can create this kind of breakthrough for yourself and business every month, then you will be nailing six figures every month + an online business allows you even earn more, since it has no financial caps on it.

Dear mum, please oblige me to say this to you – Oga is under loads of pressure paying all the bills in the house o. Yes, I know it is his responsibility, but aren’t you the support mate for him?

So what if you could earn an extra income and take care of certain things in your home too? Wouldn’t that go a long way to relieving him of stress and anxiety? And won’t that also give you some comfort as a woman?

Again, the world has changed how we work, do business and make money… Waiting for Oga to give you millions to go rent a shop, then you in turn will now travel to import things to come and display in the shop, is a long walk home o my sister.

You need a new strategy to start making money from home and the way to go is via an online business.  

Even your smart phone can make you money right now. You need to find a solution and sell!


One final thing before I go write another blog post for you.

Do you know that you can teach people what you know via online courses of your own? If you know you have a unique message and gifts others can benefit from, then you can test this out by using the steps I listed above. It won’t cost you a rib and a bone to set up your own free WhatsApp group to teach others something that will help them. In the online business world, serving others is where the magic is. Serve first, then sell later.

Let me know what you think about this post in the comment section? Will you like to create an online course around something you currently know or are skilled in? Do you have something you will go ahead to teach others? And will you set up a WhatsApp group to try it out?

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