A woman was created to add meaning to life and this is exactly what this blog is set out to do.

To help women be more productive and resourceful.
To inspire us to live our highest lives, irrespective of how flawed we think we are.
To help us live each day with authenticity, looking inwards for most of the things we desire.
To help us rise to the top irrespective of where we could have been born.
To help us create radical wealth that isn’t common to women in this part of the world.

5 years ago, I was a new wife and 9 months after, I became a new mum with feelings of depression, inadequacies and stress being the absolute order(s) of my day.

I felt soooo sad about my “new mummy” status that one day, I smacked my few weeks old baby girl on her butt so hard. Haba, I was breastfeeding her on a cheap bed, while my mates were doing theirs rocking on proper breastfeeding chairs designed to help mum and baby ease off to sleep while breastfeeding… I was M-A-D jor!

I couldn’t comprehend how broke I was and have always been since my school days. I couldn’t understand how my life could now be all about; no job, no cash, no joy, no pretty home, no car, etc. The only thing I had or so I thought, was this new baby… And babe, I felt used by her and her daddy.

That was me 5 years ago, but this is me 5 years after, still rising. Conquering territories, raising leaders and giants. Exhibiting the true colors of my Lord Jesus.

I own two sizzling hot businesses today. Both of which I “started from the bottom, now we’re here” – (remember the song?).

My life is one of possibilities and I have only just begun.

I wanna help you succeed in life and at work too. I want to challenge and inspire you to dare your wildest dream, fearing nothing.

Are you ready?

See you at the next post.

To a more authentic life that is truly youxxx

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