Prayer vs Action – which produces results?

Every week, sometimes, every day, my husband and I spend thousands buying groceries and paying bills that we cannot run away from. And as we get into the car to drive home from the store, we would start talking about how useless money, albeit, the Nigerian Naira has become.

I mean, what’s the justification for just blowing N50,000 – N100,000 just like that on fuel for your car and generator, groceries, electricity bill, etc?

Our kids would go on holiday soon and when they resume, we would have to cough out school fees for another term, amidst other “buy buy” that is needed to make the term fun for them.

Things get so crazy sometimes in our home, my husband snaps most times. I don’t count myself as one who doesn’t bother much about money though. But what I do instead is to sit down and brainstorm on how rich people got rich and how I can hack their strategies.

This is life – you have a wife, you have kids, you have extended family, and you have yourself. These people must be taken care of. Especially your kids – you brought them into this world without their permission, so you owe them heaven and earth. No shortcuts!

But I know things get so hard and the money is never ever enough. So, I’ve decided to help you in this month of June and teach you a new way to think about money, most importantly, a fast way to start creating wealth. I want to cause a shift for you in your income, so that you can start being a money magnet.

Most times in Nigeria, we are used to praying like mad cows, but never taking serious action to back our prayers. And when we don’t see results, we conclude by saying “God doesn’t answer prayer”. My dear, God answers prayers of action takers. And the earlier you start moving in the right direction, the better it will be for you.

Now the big news is — I’ll be releasing my new audio program on MONEY MONEY MONEY in a few weeks. And I wanted to give you heads-up before anyone else that I’ll be opening up the pre-order window soon. When you jump in once I open this up, you will be buying this audio at half the price of N10,500.00. If you reside outside Nigeria, that would be under $30.

I have never made any of my programs this affordable before! So this is a deal breaker for you.

“Do you even realize that 16 year olds are building apps and becoming multimillionaires by the day?  Also, that ordinary people like you are launching online businesses that make them 5 – 6 figures monthly”.

When I personally started coaching as a “nobody”, I was offering my services from home and I would only get on the phone with my clients for two hours to help them solve their life or business problem.

There’s a new way money is being made around us. The internet has changed everything and now everybody is on a level playing ground. If you’re broke or jobless, you’re responsible for that kind of life. And if you are still holding on to the old ways of making money from your monthly paycheck, you will eventually fall with the fallen.

My charge to you this day is this – as you pray in your closet, ensure you take action! Think of what skills you have that you can use to solve a serious problem for someone out there.

Most African countries are suffering, but while the crowd of them throw their hands in the air, giving up and cursing their government, a few are using the internet to blaze trails and getting paid to work from home using only a laptop and a smart phone.

You already know that your current business doesn’t have the capacity to make you rich. Instead it will keep you struggling to pay bills and get by. We aren’t here to get by o, we are here to live our lives because it’s golden.

And have you ever asked yourself why only 5% of people are currently living rich and you are not!

I’ll teach you the magic and miracle of wealth. How you can use your smart phone and social skills as a money generating machine, plus how you can do it faster than you thought possible.

Once I open the pre-order window for this audio program later this week, I’ll send you a mail to order your copy.

My 110% Guarantee: It will super bless you, double bless you and over bless you. You will begin to see money in every step that you take and your inner eyes will open to the abundance that has been lying dormant inside of you.

It is time to rise up to the task and play a bigger game with your life. And if you’ve read up to this point, it means that you really desire more for yourself. So don’t stop praying, pushing, pressing and acting in the right direction until you start living your dream life.

P.S. I’m still answering questions on your biggest challenges in life and business on my Facebook page Got a question? Go leave me a comment there and get quick response from me.

Feel your question is too personal to post on my Facebook page? Then feel free to reach me via mail,

You’re only one decision away from making six figures from your business this year.

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Now go start your own REVOLUTION!

6 Proven Steps To Making Big Money From Home With Your Smart Phone

According to reports, more mums are embracing the online business model and going on to set up profitable businesses from home around their skills, gifts, expertise, talents, passions and experiences. This is growing at an unprecedented speed and experts say it is as a result of wanting to be there for their kids and family.

As a mum of three myself, one of the many blessings I enjoy is being home with my kids everytime I want to. I see them off to school, I welcome them back from school and I get to play with them, as well as attend to their homework with them.  

I’m able to do all this because I run a coaching and training business from the comfort of my home and I am my own hit boss.

Okay so, virtually, I work according to my own terms and at my own pace. No boss breathing down my neck, no crazy deadlines (except the ones I set for myself), no being afraid of getting sacked, and all the other things people struggle with in life.

I am also not bothered about yearly shop rent, staff salaries, physical goods, furniture, etc.

I have created a powerful online business that allows me breath when I want and I can also sleep anytime I decide. In fact, what’s more of a blessing is that I can be having a baby and still make money. This online thing has changed the way businesses are set up and how money is made.

If you desire to start breaking rules as a mum or soon to be mum, then open your eyes very well and read the next lines carefully.

Making money online is REAL and whether or not you believe it, is totally up to you. If you will prefer to work for a boss all through your life and watch your family suffer your absence and unique presence, then it will be a choice you made yourself. Also, if you will like the freedom to be your own boss and get paid to impact the lives of other people, then this piece is for you.

Specifically, you will learn the 6 proven steps that I used to make a million from home using my smart phone …and I will not type anything here that you don’t need at the moment, because I will hate to overwhelm you in anyway.

So here are the steps…

  1. Start building the brand called you as soon as you can (this will help you start attracting people who will eventually pay you to teach them what you know).You can start doing this on social media by posting regularly or by going live using Facebook Live. If you already have been doing this and have people who look up to you, then hey, skip this step and go to step two.
  2. Decide on a topic you will like to teach your audience.Ensure the topic you pick is very familiar and loved by you. Basically, you want to be seen as an expert who knows what she is talking about, not a ‘wannabe’…
  3. Set up a WhatsApp group on your phone and share the link on social media.WhatsApp groups now allow you generate a link which you can share with others. You don’t have to manually ask people to send in their names to blab la bla number (this is just too stressful jor). I also used Facebook to boost my post for $10 and in no time, I got a full class of 256 persons).(how to generate a whatsapp group link)
  4. Offer to teach something valuable to the people that join your WhatsApp group (I taught them how to turn their passion into profit).Actually, the topic you choose to teach is what you will talk about in the post you will use to run your facebook advertisement. That’s if you decide to use Facebook paid adverts. If you already have a great followership on Facebook, you may not need to pay for adverts.
  5. On the set date, teach and offer tremendous value and help to members in your WhatsApp group. If you’re running a two day training, which is what I did, then don’t sell on the first day. Only offer teach and offer help.
  6. After a day or two, pitch your product (this could be a paid coaching service, online course, ebook or a physical product) to the people in the group and tell them how they should contact you to pay for your paid coaching.


I sold a N25,000 online program and I had been doing this for a while, which means, some people knew my brand. What this means is – don’t charge them too high for whatever it is you want to sell to them. Rather charge a minimal fee and get a reasonable number of people to sign up for your offer. Afterwards, you can increase your price.

Well, I did all the above listed and immediately I started seeing the results. People started contacting me privately for account details and all.

As a matter of fact, that very night, I received my first payment of N25,000 from one of the WhatsApp group members. The following day, I got more people to sign up and within two weeks, I had generated over N1, 000,000.00 helping people in a closed WhatsApp group with my smart phone.


  1. Create an offer (coaching, ebook, online audio or video course).
  2. Put a price on either of them – for illustration purpose, let’s use N25,000.00
  3. Do your maths (making money is a game of numbers, not rocket science) –

i.e; N25,000 X 40 = N1,000,000.00  (This means you will need to sell your product to a minimum of 40 persons monthly — if you can do more, then you can make more).


***If you can create this kind of breakthrough for yourself and business every month, then you will be nailing six figures every month + an online business allows you even earn more, since it has no financial caps on it.

Dear mum, please oblige me to say this to you – Oga is under loads of pressure paying all the bills in the house o. Yes, I know it is his responsibility, but aren’t you the support mate for him?

So what if you could earn an extra income and take care of certain things in your home too? Wouldn’t that go a long way to relieving him of stress and anxiety? And won’t that also give you some comfort as a woman?

Again, the world has changed how we work, do business and make money… Waiting for Oga to give you millions to go rent a shop, then you in turn will now travel to import things to come and display in the shop, is a long walk home o my sister.

You need a new strategy to start making money from home and the way to go is via an online business.  

Even your smart phone can make you money right now. You need to find a solution and sell!


One final thing before I go write another blog post for you.

Do you know that you can teach people what you know via online courses of your own? If you know you have a unique message and gifts others can benefit from, then you can test this out by using the steps I listed above. It won’t cost you a rib and a bone to set up your own free WhatsApp group to teach others something that will help them. In the online business world, serving others is where the magic is. Serve first, then sell later.

Let me know what you think about this post in the comment section? Will you like to create an online course around something you currently know or are skilled in? Do you have something you will go ahead to teach others? And will you set up a WhatsApp group to try it out?

My Crazy $1,000,000 Quest

The Online Business world is exploding every day and right before my eyes, ordinary people like you are turning their ordinary lives to extraordinary ones. I’m saying this with all seriousness because I know what I’m talking about. You already know my story of how I went from N3,500 to N1,000,000 in 2 weeks. (Not telling this story today again sha)… *lol.

Last night I was up till 2am. What was I doing? Well, I bought a newly released book from an American Author I respect so much. So he sent me a video in return to watch and arouse my desire to make BIG IMPACT AND INCOME.

Now, while I was watching that video, he said something about making a million dollars ($1,000,000.00). He went ahead to break it down on how he made that amount of money. And as I watched and listened, I started feeling a desire swelling on my inside. Then the Holy Spirit whispered to me that I could shoot for this figure too. –Whaaat??? $1,000,000.00? (Not Naira o).

Well, I’m not someone that gives to fear of money, so immediately, I keyed in and knelt down to thank God for allowing me desire such magnanimous amount in the first place. But as I was trying to do my breakdown of how I will make a million US dollars, it hit me that I would need to make about N400,000,000 to make $1,000,000. Ah, immediately, I started to think of a better way – a smarter way to achieve this. Making N400,000,000 in Naira would be a hard nut to crack. I would need to sell and sell and sell my courses to achieve this feat. So what’s the smarter way out and to making $1,000,000.00 online? Boom, God showed me. Yes, He told me what to do and how to do it. It was so clear that I couldn’t sleep throughout the night. So I just shut my eyes and fixed my mind on Him to make it even clearer.

Friend, between you and I, my new money goal is nothing less than a million dollars! Seems too high to reach, but I will reach it and I will share my results with you right here. I will share how I became a success story with my online business while raising three kids. I will share with you how I built a multimillion dollar brand from home with just a computer and vicious desire to uplevel my life.

The road is wide open for us all, but I know only a few will take it. Only a few will get radical enough to become kings and queens in their own right. I have seen a lot and instead of watch others succeed, I am taking the steps to succeed myself. I was born in the slums, but it doesn’t mean I can’t live in the palace. This is the journey I’m on. This is the path I have chosen. What about you?
Like I said, the online business world is exploding. People are creating online courses and products around their knowledge and talents that are changing their lives forever! If you keep waiting and over thinking this thing, you will sink o. hehehe… it is time to go EPIC with the brand called you. There’s something special you have that can sell online and practically change your bank account status.
P.S: My online school, BrandMBA Academy, the world’s premier school for Personal Branding and Business, opened up to it’s first students today. Mehn…, I am beyond excited for what God has helped me do and the future plans He has for me. See ehn, I was nobody until God made me somebody. He, God showed me how to tap into my power and use it to my advantage. He, God showed me how to embrace His blessings over my life and walk, talk, act and breathe like the winner I am. Now I am without doubt that I can never ever ever live under the curse of poverty, mediocrity, confusion, laziness, etc.

The world is in need of your special gift: Give it to them now!

-Ask yourself what type of BRAND you want to build.
-Set your mind to build that BRAND.
-Start immediately to build that BRAND and don’t you dare stop even when you feel like.
…Greatness is in you.

P.P.S: If you are curious to know how I intend to make $1,000,000.00 with my online business, simply comment below asking me and I’ll be more than excited to share.
Talk soon,

Why Aren’t People Getting What They Want? Here’s Why

Do you know what really holds people back from getting what they want? Okay, I’ll share with you quickly, so please pay close attention.

Ever heard the phrase “As a man thinketh, so he is”?

Yes, that’s the deep truth – your thoughts are responsible for where you are today and what you have, plus what you don’t have. But more importantly, you are responsible for your thoughts. You are responsible for what you think and how you think.

Some thoughts you’ve been thinking:

I’m not capable, I can’t do this.

I’m too average to fit in, I won’t be heard.

I’m not a graduate; no one will listen to me.

I’ll die in this one room apartment, I will never have money required to build myself and family our dream home.

I can’t be rich, I was born poor, I’m sure I’ll die poor.

I need a job; I don’t fit to be an entrepreneur.

…and on and on you go…

Your thoughts are seeds and as you set them in motion, they bear fruits. Now these fruits can either be good or bad fruits – the outcome will depend on the kind of thought-seed you planted.

Thoughts are ideas that go into the supernatural to produce life or death. If you have life, you’re advancing, and if you have death, you’re stagnant.

Today, I want you to start replacing those wretched thoughts that have kept you stuck with flourishing thoughts that will move you forward. It is indeed your turn to be heard, but that will happen only if you first believe in yourself – believing in yourself requires you to think like a giant, a winner, a victor and a success – it starts with your thoughts.

Is it possible to have what you really want simply by thinking the kind of thoughts required to get what you want? You bet it is. I’ve seen it happen in my life many times over.

Babe, when I started referring to myself as AFRICA’S MOST INFLUENTIAL MUM IN BUSINESS, I didn’t know how fast that name will travel. Today, people refer to me as that.

Also only a few days ago, I started calling myself AFRICA’S MOST SOUGHT AFTER LIFE COACH & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER – oh you bet I know how to brand myself; that’s partly what I do for a living.

If you believe in yourself and in the power that you carry, it will be contagious and others will have no choice but to believe in you. And remember I said your thoughts influences your belief and your beliefs determine your outcome/results. If you hate the results your life is producing, then change your thoughts.

What is really holding you back from your ideal life? What is so powerful in your life that keeps keeping you away from the life you’ve been designed to live? Remember how you think affects the way you see and do things?

You may be earning a fraction of how much you truly desire to earn at the moment. Maybe you don’t even have an income and you’ve allowed this go on for years in your life. You’ve managed your way through life and everyday you keep surviving. But deep down you know that you know that you want more than what you currently have.

You know there was a time I felt stuck too. Oh yes, there was a time I had only 3,500.00 in my bank account. Things got so bad for my husband and I; we couldn’t even afford to replace our kids torn pyjamas + we had to move them into a more affordable school + we could barely feed + for months, our curtains were some silly bedsheets and wrapper. Hmm… sighs heavily – it was draining.

It made me cry. It made my husband and I fight a lot. But one day, I sat up, looked up and got off my butt to start building my master brand. And when I created my first online course, it practically changed my life. In 9 days, I hit almost 1,000,000. Then I went ahead to write a practical small ebook, started working on my website and today, I have a profitable online coaching and training business.

Babe, I already know you’re a top performer and that you’re willing to take action to build the multimillion dollar brand called you™. Just by reading this post, you’ve put yourself ahead of 75% of people who just complain about their life, their government, their kids or their job.

So, if you’re interested in exploring a new phase of a multimillion dollar brand life, I have put a brand new class together for you – starting next week.

I’ll show you how to go from overlooked to overbooked + how to start building and monetizing your expertise + how to do work you love and are good at + how to position yourself as the go-to brand + how to get started in 48 hours.

This training is completely free and holds here You can click the link now and like the page, then turn on post notification, so when I go live you will be notified by Facebook at least.

I’ll send you more details on Monday and there will be a special link for you to download the workbook for this class. Ensure you look out for my mail on Monday – tie a ribbon around your last finger if you must *lol.

It’s the weekend – have nothing but F.U.N!!! (No matter what).


Love + chocolate + cookies + Abacha xxx





So basically, I work from home with my little cute baby who turned 6 months February 17, 2017.

I have two other fab-mazing kids who go to school during the day (Monday – Friday), which allows me work on my online business for up to 4 – 5 hours.

Truth is, I have never really had a paid employment in my entire life. If I remember vividly, the only one time and last time I got a job to be someone’s personal assistant, I resigned after a month and I gave some stupid excuse as the reason I couldn’t work with my pretty nice boss (at the time) anymore.

I have been in business for over 10 years now, but babe, I cannot tell you if any one of my past business was ever a success. From selling lingerie (pants, bras, male boxers, nighties, etc), to selling jewellery. Then to publishing my own failed magazine, running my own consulting / training business, organising pop up sales (exhibitions), amongst others. It was obvious I was trying to find my way in life and business.

When I started my coaching business in 2015, I knew I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew I could now tell everyone who cared to know that I had found where I wanted to be and what I wanted to wake up to everyday. What I did not know was how the decision to create an online course was going to amplify my small life, plus how this was going to happen so fast!

I created my online course in the most simplest way I knew how – audio recording. I hit the studio a couple of days within the space of two weeks. Mind you, my baby at the time was barely 4 months old. (I had fantastic support at home).

I went ahead and recorded my course in the studio using my outlined modules and lessons. Next, I went ahead and sold it to people I did not know. During this time I had no email list. And although I had a website, I wasn’t doing anything on it, neither was I directing anybody to it.

So how the HECK did I sell my online course?

I invited people over to a WhatsApp group I created and within two days, the group had reached capacity. (I used Facebook to boost a post that brought these people to my WhatsApp group). I went ahead to teach the members of this group for two days and on the second day, I told them about my new course and why they should buy it.

Hey, as at the time, I called it an ‘’online program’’. My reason being that it wasn’t a video course and I didn’t think it reached the online course standard.


After I mentioned my online course to my WhatsApp group members, what happened next simply made me cry; at the same time, it made me realize the immense opportunity anyone ready to change their life had around them.

Now, as at the time of this pre- and play play launch, I only had N3,500 in my account and this was all I had home and abroad. The only other property I had in my name is my Honda CRV Jeep hussie bought for me when I had our second child – Dimeji. I have never really made or had my own money. (I hated myself for being this way for too long)…

Once I opened that program in the group, I watched my account go from N3,500 to over N1,000,000.00 in sale and all this happened within nine days.

Can I shock you even further? Can I? Okay ensure you read my next line twice…

I had not even created this product as at the time I sold it to members of my WhatsApp group. Did you hear me? I said, I had no product at hand, but made over a Million Naira.

I have gone ahead to sell my online course to hundreds of women yearning to work from home and turn their passion, skills, gifts and experiences into cash and freedom to do the heck it is they really want to do.     

My online course took me from a place of Zero to Launch, then to wealth. ‘’Not so bad for a girl with no tech skill whatsoever’’.

My online course gave me the opportunity to be a financial support to my spouse and not a burden. My online course allows me daily to impact the lives of people all over the world. It allows me give time to the most important people in the world – my family. It allows me do more with my time. I could travel out of my country right now and babe, I will still wake up to sales and a long list of emails from people all over the world telling me how I helped them transform their lives.

Now, what could be better than this?

Are you thinking of how you can stop trading precious time and life for a monthly paycheck? Are you trying to figure out a way to give your kids a better life than the one you had as a kid? Are you exhausted from waking up everyday and going to a job you seriously detest and want out of? Would you like me to show you how you too can design a life and business you love?

Start here – Download my free book here:

I’ll see you on the inside.

Emily Wale-Koya





This was the question I asked myself as the year started grinding down. You all know the usual we do when we are about to step right into another year right? Yes, so I did same. I asked myself what is the one thing I would love to do in 2017 that would position me for more in my business and my life.

You see, I have always been an advocate of finding your one thing and completing it before going off to another. I’m such an advocate of this one thing because I am a multi talented person who has been bitten in the past trying to do too many things. I registered almost 10 companies with CAC and today, I don’t even use any of them.

See why I believe in one thing at a time. You got to find your focus and stay there.

Anyway, so I decided to write an ebook before the year 2017 starts. Errmm, I kind of did, although we are just at design stage, but in a few days, the book will be out for sale. I am super proud of this you know because most of us postpone and wait forever for the perfect time to make things happen.

In fact I remember when 2012 came along. It was a huge year as experts proposed the world was going to end that year. But this isn’t my turf today. What I’m trying to say here is this – it’s been five year since 2012 came along. If you had started your own business or started that project you’ve always dreamed of, do you have any idea what your life would have looked like five years after?

The desire to wait for perfection is death. It is better you get on with whatever you believe you have been called to do. Make the mistakes, learn from it, grow in it an move forward. Never starting is a thief.

Okay right now you’re wondering what my financial goal for 2017 is, right? Holup Holup Holup! (lol). Here it is babe.


You see, I’m also a firm believer in the power and potential of money. Coming from a very poor family and living in the slums of Lagos city, Nigeria. I have seen people live and die poor. And growing up, going to the university and being married, I have seen people live rich; enjoying the very best life has to offer on earth. Babe, if you ask me, I want rich!

So I decided that earning a minimum of a million naira monthly wouldn’t hurt for a girl who grew up in the slums. Having millions in my account at the end of 2017 wouldn’t be bad you know. More so, being able to travel abroad because I desire it and can afford it wouldn’t be bad at all. Mind you, not on my husband’s money o.

To achieve this super millionaire status, I have decided to create my own online products. Reason, I was determined to write an ebook. Whoosh, it was so much fun doing this. I’ll share more about the process in another post. Meanwhile, did I tell you I started getting paid for the ebook even before it got released? OMG! I’m a genius like Oprah Winfrey mehn… Lol.

Okay before I let you go, I must leave a challenge with you here:

What would you like to accomplish in 2017? What is the one thing or two things or three things you desire to see come to pass in your life this year that would make you have an AHA moment?

I’ll like you to pause and think about it for a while before answering. Maybe you could grab your journal and pen now and write it down. And hey, when you come up with your answers, kindly share by leaving your comments in the comment section below. I’m dying to read them.

As a gift to you for reading this post till the very end, here’s a link to sign up for my free email course, JUMPSTART 2017 … How to Dominate Your Life Using A Vision-Action Board. It’s my gift to you this month for desiring to unleash greatness in 2017.

I’m dying to read from you soon. So shoot me a comment or reply.

Never stop trying! Never stop walking! Never give up!

Welcome to 2017, the year of the millionaire.

The First Ever Sewing and Bead Training Summer Training Class for Girls

The first ever sewing and bead training summer training class for girls is here.
What if your children had a skill they could fall back on after graduation to help themselves and their parents? What would have happened if they know that going to school, having a good grade et al, isn’t a guarantee to having a job?
Job security is not when you work in a company or with the government, its when you have a skill or trade you can fall back to, to sustain yourself and add Value to the human race.
As parents, beyond helping our children get good education, have a good life, we should deliberately   help them acquire knowledge and skills that will help them become better individuals, reliable and relevant.
They will learn soft skills in sewing/dressmaking, bead work, poise beauty and etiquette.
As a parent, imagine your child missing this opportunity? How transformed will your child be if he/she attends this summer training
 The days are clicking… Secure a spot for your child (age 8-16)
 date: 27th July- 26 August 2016
Venue: 4 king perekule‎ road GRA phase2. PH
Time:- 1st session 9:30am- 12:30pm
                2nd session 1pm-4pm
For fees and registration, please call /whatsapp 08033399796.   Call-0815 235 9946,

How Smart Women Are Becoming Online Millionaires.

Today, I want to share with you how I made N150k coaching people on my smart phone and with an app called WhatsApp.

(Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it and I’ll tell you why it doesn’t have to be in a bit).

You see, in 2014, I wasn”t even sure of what I was doing as an entrepreneur cum business woman. I ran an exhibition company for 3 years without making profits in anyway, not even for an hour long.

I was so head, neck and body deep in debt after each exhibition, I became a bad face in my city. Hmmm…

It was a very challenging period for me. To make matters worse, I just couldn’t figure a better way out than to keep riding.

Eventually, 2015, I had a break. I made some good cash from this business. Oh dear, it felt so good to finally be here, knowing my efforts where not in vain. But to be honest with you, I lost all that money some months after – (Gist for another day).

During this crisis season, I desired strongly to amplify my own life, as I was sick of statusquo.

I was sick of struggling for three years with a business like this. I felt super exhausted being in a business that needed so much from me and gave me little in return.

I felt it was time to do something that was uniquely me. Something I longed to do all my life – empowering women/people to live their highest lives, using their gifts, skills and passion to change the world and making money while at it.

After much ado, I announced my first whatsapp class (free), and was dazed at the rate which people turned up! I bragged and bragged to my husband all night about it, who himself was also more dazed.

A few weeks after, I announced another class and this time it was for N10,000.

Lo and behold, I had 15 people in that training, which took place on my phone for an hour only. (Gbam, N150k in my account).

“Like joke, like joke”, I became the rave of the moment and people started looking for me to teach them what I know and how I started.

It was here that I decided to package myself well, tie my buba and iro well and put a fee to my services. (Lol). I started charging to teach what I know and the rest, like they say, is history.

See ladies (and the gents in our midst), if you desire my type of freedom and wealth, then I’m glad to announce to you that you can do this too.

If you desire to fire your boss before he fires you and if you desire to do work that matters, here’s your chance.

There is indeed a “finer” way to become an entrepreneur. You don’t have to kill yourself to raise that money for a shop space, hire a sloppy sales girl to “man” the shop for you. Abi, aren’t you tired of importing things to sell???

Now dollar is up and you are so badly affected. (Hehehe).

Please ask yourself these crucial questions;

-what do I know that others can benefit from?
-what can I teach that will be of value to people?
-what gifts, skills, talents or experiences do I have that can be beneficial to others?
-what is my calling?

Trust me when I say this, it could be anything from cooking like a Pro, to raising triplets, dealing with some bad labour during childbirth, overcoming divorce, loosing weight, loosing a child, etc.

I have seen a lot of these things turned into multimillion naira brands.

It’s your turn now!

(a word is enough for the wise)!

I have set up the Multimillion Brand Academy, a 12 months program on Facebook where I’ll teach, show, and guide you in turning what you know, what you love to do and what you’re called to do into 6 figures.

I will expose the exact tactics I use to run a business from home, be a wife, raise two kids, serve God, travel the world and still earn 6 figures.

If you want to break status quo, here’s your chance.

Send me an email right away: or

I look forward to helping you unleash your greatness and abundance.

Talk soon…




If you’re like most people, you probably walked away from a seminar feeling pumped up, motivated, energized, inspired and ready to take on the world. But heading back into your daily hustle and bustle can make you forget all the energy you felt in that seminar true or false? (True).

Truth is, while getting motivated, a.k.a, fired up is easy, maintaining enthusiasm, excitement and commitment can be difficult down the line.

Most people use the word “fired up” to describe how they feel after attending a power packed seminar and like the word itself, “fire”, one has to keep adding fuel to keep it burning and hot.

You know what really??? It isn’t completely your fault to feel this way – de-motivated. What you’re feeling is simply called “life” and it has happened to almost half of the world too.

But here’s what you can do to ensure your investment at that seminar doesn’t go to waste;

  1. Connect: You must have met some lovely people at the seminar right and you must have exchanged contact information right? If you did, then this is the best time to call them up, chat them up or have a meeting with them over lunch/brunch. They can serve as a great support system for you as you journey to become successful in your endeavors.

You can discuss all you learnt during the seminar, your challenges, breakthroughs, action plan, etc. You can also brainstorm on each other’s ideas. For all you may be feeling, they may even be feeling twice of that and desire great help. Your call might be their saving grace.

Go on and ring them up now.

  1. Set Your Goals: Create a list of top 3, 5, 10 goals you would like to achieve with all you learnt at the seminar (if you haven’t done that already). Remember, a goal is only a goal if it has no corresponding action.

So create a plan of action, set a deadline too, and then follow it tooth and nail to ensure you achieve all. You can even create a goal board where you stick, paste or write your goals.

Ensure you place this board where you can see it in the morning and evening (as often as you can).

  1. Shut the Gates to Poor Thoughts: The only thoughts you and I are allowed to dwell on are thoughts that lift us, inspire us, and challenge us. Thoughts that cause us to move only in the right direction of our goals and life.

No doubt, poor thoughts will arise in your head from time to time, but you reserve the right to choose which ones to dwell upon and act on.

Remember the popular saying – “you cannot stop a bird from flying over your head, but you sure can stop it from poo-ing on your head”. True or false? (true).

Also ensure you positively affirm yourself everyday by speaking words of wisdom and power.

Say things like; {I am a world changer. I run my race and I finish strong. I am not my past, I am a new creation, and old things are passed away. Today, I am achieving all I’ve set out to do by the grace of my heavenly Father. My generation will hear my voice. I am making great impact. I am wealthy on all sides. Poverty is far from me. I have more than enough to fulfill my destiny. I run with wisdom, I am not foolish. I am the apple of God’s eye}.

Feel free to run your own lines as they are unique to you and where you are presently.

  1. Repeat: Sign up for another seminar as soon as you can. Don’t just attend one a year or one in six months and zone out entirely. You will never stay motivated that way.

You could also sign up for coaching with the host of the seminar (if you believe him or her can help you). Most people take coaching for granted, but we must realize that every successful person up there has someone around them that constantly push them even when they feel they can’t possibly go another mile.

A good coach can and will help you train hard and smart. If you must succeed and do it fast too, you should hire a coach. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Can you succeed without a coach? Yes you can. But you can avoid certain mistakes and pitfalls when you have someone who opens your eyes to see a pitfall in time and avoid it.

  1. Implement: Now put all of the above into action! Don’t take one and leave the rest.

Staying fired up is within your power.

Remember it is not those that hear that are blessed or become successful, rather it is those that hear and do – take action – implement that are blessed with success.

Now, go and conquer your world!

Got a comment? Feel free to leave it in the comment section. I really would love to hear from you.

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Ever wondered why

Ever wondered why some people’s lives just always seems to be better than the rest? And why this same people always seem to succeed at all they find to do?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like – Why I’m I not married? Why I’m I not driving a car too? Why I’m I not the one everybody is talking about and dotting on? Why I’m I not the one that lives in a nice house and can travel for summer every year? Why I’m I not always having sufficient funds? Why I’m I unable to give my kids the life I truly desire for them? Why was I not born in America? Why whywhy?

I can go on and on with the “why” questions, but let me stop here.

You see, life is not all about wishes and dreams. Success doesn’t come to people who simply desire it. Rather success goes to people who ACTIONIZE their desires.

If desire alone could cut it, then we would all have loads of money, fabulous houses to live in, trips abroad, the world’s best jobs, the world’s best kids, the world’s best marriages, etc.

But it takes more than desire. The simple equation for result is: desire + action = results.

You see, it is in the doing (action) that we get results and not in the desiring.

What baffles me most times is how only a few of us are ready to act upon our dreams and ideas. Only a few of us truly have positioned ourselves to create the outcomes of our desired lives come what, come may. But still, we wonder why the grass isgreener at our neighbours.

The grass will continue to be greener at our neighbours as long as we decide to put up with shabby and pathetic way of living. Someone else will always drive the car we desire, marry in the year we desire, go on summer holiday as often as they desire, most importantly, someone else will continue to be the woman and man they truly were created to be; living life to it’s fullest!

Do you desire more in your life ? Do you want more money, better health, incredible relationships and a fulfilled life to be yours now and forever?

Then this is your chance to be part of my last workshop for the year on How to Build the Multimillion Brand Called YOU.

This training holds May 2, 2016 in the city of Port Harcourt and it will help you do the following:

  • Launch an online business that pays
  • Discover what makes you tick
  • Discover what kind of brand you are and should build
  • Build and Monetizeyour brand
  • Unleash your gifts, skills, passion and talents
  • Set up your own profitable online business from scratch like I did
  • Create online courses and programs that people will pay you for
  • Find a profitable idea even where/when you have none
  • Position you as an expert in your field
  • Find and do work/what you love
  • Attract clients endlessly with your brand

This program will mark a turning point in your life.

Yet to register?Please click this link right now:

I look forward to seeing you at this event and helping you deploy your gifts, skills and passion into something profitable and fulfilling.



If you live outside Port Harcourt city and can’t attend the live training, but still desire to have the recording, we would have it available for sale only for a limited time. Please note: you have to book for the recording before the event so it can be made available to you. The cost to obtain the recording is N10,000 if you pay before the workshop, and N15,000 if you want to buy on my site after the workshop. 

It’s time to stop chasing shadows. Its time to build the brand called you.


See you on Monday.