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It was quite unfortunate you couldn’t hear from me over the week. I truly and sincerely apologise for living you all by yourself. (although you were in my prayers daily)…

My site had some technical issues that needed sorting out and this made me unable to write to you my darling. At the moment, all that has been sorted and I’m so so so glad that I can finally reach you.

How have you been and how are you preparing for our “Break the roof” May 2, 2016 workshop

in Port Harcourt city? I truly can’t wait to see you there. Please come prepared for what promises to be one of your life’s most transforming training.

If you’re yet to register, kindly do that now, because you will not be allowed access to the workshop. Please no hard feelings, I simply just want to do things in an orderly manner – it’s how rich people roll. (lol)…

So here’s the link to register

I do not plan to write a long post today. I only wanted to reach and let you know that I am back now and you will always hear from me.

Got a burning question you wish someone could answer? Feel free to reach me on whatsapp free of charge. Here’s my direct line: 234 705 667 5971. I’ll be honoured to hear from you.

Till next week Monday.


Ensure you have a fun-filled weekend with the people that only build you up and matter to you. Stay positive, stay balanced, and keep your multimillion brand dream alive!

Love you like crazyxxx



You Have What It Takes to Get What You Want!

I welcome you to a brand new week filled with power, productivity and progress.

You see, growing up was kind of hard for me. I struggled with self-esteem for such a long long long time and missed out on a lot of stuff. Hmmm, a lot of stuff was taken from me too.

I never knew I was so gifted. I never for once thought I had what it took to change my world and be paid whatever I charge for my services and products.

This takes me back to paragraph two where I said “I missed out on a lot of stuff”… So oblige me to paraphrase here – “a lot of stuff missed me”!!!

You see, I am so confident in who I am and what I’ve been perfectly wired for. I am so blessed with heavenly blessings that everything “I missed out on”, I am taking right back! I refuse to hold anything back from my world. I am super determined to give give give, until there is absolutely nothing left to give.

I have come to realize that people need me; the world needs me to play my unique role and add my own color to the rainbow. Wow! That’s just how I see life now. That’s actually how life is from my end…

I shared the above story to let you know that I have struggled with “not being enough or having what it takes”. I have been beaten, used, abused and misused. I have kept mute in groups when questions were asked, questions to which I knew the answers like the back of my palm.

So, I have stopped by to encourage you and let you know that it’s okay to struggle with stuff. It really is okay to beat yourself up for not being enough at certain points. But what is not okay is to remain that way forever. What is not okay is to beat yourself up forever. Now, that really sucks!

Truth is, you have all it takes to become all you desire to be and you can start now. It is only a matter of these four things;

  1. Knowing what you want (find out what your deepest heart desire(s) is/are, then hold on to it/them firmly).
  2. Believing in yourself and your unique gifts (stop allowing people talk you down! Stop talking yourself down!).
  3. Taking action and Stepping out with confidence.
  4. Starting from where you are and with what you already have (you have something the world needs right now; find it, craft it, sell it).

I believe in your abilities and gifts. I believe you can use them to impact the world. Now let’s do this!



If you’re yet to register for my May 2nd, 2016 training in Port Harcourt city (Niger Delta, Rivers State), you still have a chance. This workshop will change your life forever!

I have been singing non-stop about it being ranked #1 Personal Branding and Business Training in the Country….and you’re just about to find out for yourself.

If you haven’t registered and know someone who would like to attend, please share the link with them to register now. Once my seats are sold out, then we are sold out and can do nothing about it. Again, seize the opportunity.

Here’s the link: www.emilywalekoya.com/mmbrandseries/ (open and register, also share it with friends).

I look forward to seeing you soon.

You and I have got just one life to live.

You and I have got just one life to live. One life only. How well or how poorly we decide to live it, is totally up to us.

I wake up everyday with a dominant way of thinking about my life, which is to live a life of purpose, passion, power and profit. Those are the four Ps I run with the moment I wake up to a new day. Guess what? They are paying off big time. I have a business and life I deeply adore and of course, they adore me right back (lol). I might as well say that I have found my assignment in life and I’m getting paid to pursue it. Booyah! What a way to live.

But I am disturbed from all I see around. It breaks my heart to see that we aren’t all in my kind of ship – the kind of ship that one steers in just the direction one wants to go. That kind of ship that allows you sail off and arrive where and when you want.

It breaks my heart to see most of us are in other people’s ship, going where they are going – just tagging along. What’s more devastating, is seeing how we rather stay put on other people’s ship. We never seem to want to have the kinda life we were divinely designed for.

We seem to just be content with A-V-E-R-A-G-E! We have come to believe that A-V-E-R-A-G-E is who we are and that the grass will never be green on our own side of the lawn.

3 Factors That Seem to Limit Us Time and Time Again

  1. Our environment; where we were born, where we grew up, where we presently live, the people around us, etc.
  2. Our parents; what they told us while growing up, how they lived their lives (broke, depending on Government for pension, complaining about the Government not meeting their needs, whereas, at the same time they were solely waiting on Government, some of their mates built mansions and companies they handed down as an inheritance(s) to their children.).
  3. Our Friends; what they believe, how they believe, what they have achieved, etc
  4. Our mind(s); what we believe, how we believe, how we see ourselves.

Among all four factors, #4 is the most powerful of them all. It’s the one thing we have power and free access to develop. Your mind is the seat of power and if you can get a hold of it, the other three and anymore limiting beliefs you have will automatically give way.

My Recommendations for you right now: Never wait for someone to pick you. Always dare to pick yourself first and fast! Find yourself! Employ yourself! Grow yourself! Believe in yourself! Find out what you’re great at and see how you can use that to provide a solution to someone/people’s problems. That’s how you begin the journey to wealth and financial freedom.

It’s never too late to start.

See you at the next post.

Happy New Week Guys.

Emily Wale-Koya

Founder @Multimillion Brand Called YOU

We All Deserve a Life of Abundance

Waiting for other people to blow the whistle before you take off – RISKY!

Waiting for your salary to come at the end of each month – BORING!

Waiting till you receive a sack letter – SUICIDAL!

You see my beloved, life isn’t fair at all (I’m sure you’ve heard that line before). Truly, life isn’t fair.

I lost my mum a couple of years back, she was barely 49 years of age. Most devastating part, was watching her die; drawing in her last breaths before my bewildered eyes.

My mum was angelic in nature. Oh, she was cool, calm, loving and more. But she died, not that she just died, but she left me without a word.

Shockingly, some kids never get to meet their mums, as their mums never make it out of the delivery room.

Who says life is fair? It definitely isn’t.

But do we stop and carry the weight of all the “wahala” for the rest of our lives? Or do we find a way to forge ahead, knowing death must come to us all; the more reason we should live each day purposefully, giving ourselves away in the most profound ways.

A life of abundance is possible and I say “Game On”! Let’s make it happen.

So here’s what I advice you to do dearly beloved:

  1.  Make a decision right now about the kind of future you truly want. How do you want your life to play out in the next 5 years? You must realize this won’t happen by chance.

Truth is this, if you leave it to chance, you wouldn’t like the outcome at all. So intentionally and conciuosly decide what kind of future you want and start the journey.

2.Create the future you want by making the right inputs into your everyday life. Do you need to go back to school? Do you need to change the type of business you presently run? Do you need to position yourself for marriage? Whatever goals you have, ensure you take steps towards making it happen. A-C-T-I-O-N is the key word here…

    3. Be firm, be consistent, be ruthless. Pursue one thing at a time and master it till it knows you are truly his Master.

Remember you already have what it takes to achieve all your heart yearns for.

Now go put all you’ve learnt to work. Grow in leaps and bounds. Live your rich and confident life.

I believe so much in you and will see you in the next post.

Founder: Multimillion Brand Called YOU

If you reside in Port-Harcourt city and you’re yet to register for my free workshop on How to Build The Multimillion Brand Called YOU, you still got a chance to do so here:  www.emilywalekoya.com/mmbrandseries

Date, time and venue will be communicated to you soon.

If this post has blessed you, please share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, blackberry, whatsapp, etc.


Emily Wale-Koya, Founder @Multimillion Brand Called YOU

Get Coached by Me Everyday For FREE!

I want you to arrive at the end of the year (December 31, 2016) and be super glad of the progress you made. Some could be small, others, could be super big. For me, the goal here is to help you move from point A, to Point B. Let’s quit the moving around in circles; it is time to move F-O-R-W-A-R-D!

So, because I have pledged to serve you better than anyone else out there, and because I want you to feel as strong and brilliant as I know you are, I have put together my first 4Ps Program.

The 4Ps program include; Purpose, Passion, Power and Profit life changing rules to live and work by.

This 4Ps program will include weekly mails from me, wisdom tools to help you live a life of purpose, creating everyday miracles for yourself and the people around you. It will also help you expand your vision, shift your poor money mind-sets and ignite your special gifts. All designed to ensure you live a life of clarity, acceleration and increase.

It’s 100% FREE! So sign up now to join in.

(We have limited seating, please ensure you sign up here and to lock in your spot).

DATE: Sunday, April 4th, 2016 – Saturday, April 30th, 2016

(the entire month of April).

VENUE : It all happens online and would be delivered straight into your inbox via email
(click to sign up here).

Who: You, me, hundreds of people from all over the world.

Why: Everything you truly and really want literally depends on you embracing your area of strength, purpose, passion and financial abundance. It’s all inside of you and the time to unleash them all is NOW.

Cost: FREE (ish)… lol.


I am so happy releasing this program to you for FREE. It beats everything else I have done since I began my coaching practice.

I truly look forward to impacting your life with this program. It’s a Must-Attend for anyone seeking to become a difference maker!

Feel free to tell a friend or 10 friends about it too. (lol)… They’ll thank you for it.

This may be my single most powerful Email program yet. Ensure you are a part of it.

Now have yourself a productive week. Remember to stay on your lane and shine your own shoes till they become so bright that you can proudly wear them. Eyes off other people stuff…

With love from the deepest part of my heart…


Guess What!

It’s my birthday today and I just turned __________!!! 12 maybe…
Would be so cool to be doing all I’m doing right now if I was just 12 years old. I would have been over the roof top if I was. Really.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for finding my voice at a time such as this and using it to relentlessly influence people for the greater good.

So, back to birthday things.

I am the birthday gurl. I am the one who is celebrating another big year. You know I was just thinking out loud when I woke up this morning. Oh I was wondering how I can triple my success by my next birthday!!!

Yeah, call me a success freak or not, I’m all about living a life of possibilities and doing what most African women, more so, women from my side of Nigeria aren’t use to. Most of us have been conditioned to think we belong to the kitchen, we belong to child bearing and rearing, we belong to the society and all. I am so unapologetically not in that school of thought o. I believe greatly that I belong to God and He has an assignment for me which I must carry out.

It is beyond groping all over the place looking for who will marry me, which hair cost better than the next, etc.

Anyhow, it’s my birthday today and I am like a Judge. We begin the court session when I say we begin and we dismiss when I say we dismiss. So I say, “case adjourned”, let everyone come parry with me (on facebook  – www.facebook.com/emilywalekoya). Maybe next year, I will invite you over to a live event.


For everything God has done for me, I thank Him non-stop. For helping me find and take my place on earth, I remain forever grateful.

No long emails today, biko girls just wanna have funnnnnnn. Oh oh oh, girls just wanna have funnn. (the song).

I’ll see you in the next post ladies and gents.

It’s your life, remember to live it to the fullest, to find what you’re good at, to celebrate yourself, establish yourself and pay yourself what you’re worth. No apologies.

Oh, less I forget and in the spirit of my birthday, I’ll be hosting a free workshop on How to Build the Multimillion Brand Called You. If you reside in the peaceful Port Harcourt city and you’re yet to register, this is your chance.

Click the link to CLAIM YOUR SPOT now: www.emilywalekoya.com/mmbrandseries

Details for the training:

Date: April 2, 2016

Venue: (Reserved for only registered participants).

Time: 10am prompt (no Nigerian time please).

Registration fee: N15, 000 (fee has been waived just for you, so you only get to

Pay N3,000 for your lunch).

If you’re yet to register, please seize this opportunity now before I come to my senses. I have never put this event together for free. Never!

Love you like I love chocolateeexxx (lol).

emily signature

I Just Increased My Coaching Fee

I Just Increased My Coaching Fee and I Just Landed My First Client

I’m reeking with joy right now and I thought it would be nice to share this with you guys – my online family. Oh yes, we are family now.

Last week I started telling people who asked about my coaching program that I had increased my fees and this was the new fee.

Truth was, I had not reflected it on the blog yet when I was telling them, but in my head and between God and I, I had increased it. (Lol).

I told everyone who cared to know. And yesterday, Sunday, March 28th, I received an alert from my first paying client with the new fee.

I was excited, yet amazed. The fee isn’t so high (for some of us), but what baffled me was the fact that someone paid my new fee (which started like a joke and this person paid 7 days after the “fee hike”…

Most times, we think this to ourselves;

Who knows me?
Who will pay me?
Who will believe me?
Will this business succeed sef?
The list of doubts, mental battering as I call it, goes on and on and on….

My dear, you can do what you think you can, and yes, you can’t do what you think you can’t.

The choice is truly yours and I’m here to help if you need me. Time waits for no man. Remember, people NEED you!

I dare you ro live your highest life.

(See you at the next post).

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My Business Rocks

The online space is bursting with wealth! Everyday, women are learning the truth about this Multi-million dollar industry and a few women (sadly, only a few) have jumped right in and began their wealth journey, transforming everything about “How business should work”.

In 20/30/40 years to come, the internet/IT/digitization will surpass everything we know. (Except the word of God).

Are you still on the brick and mortar business type? (In my ever so adorable Nigerian grammar and accent – I no dey ooo)…

I’ll tell you what; setting up an online business is simpler than you think.

I have one and hey, I didn’t study IT or anything close to it in school. I only have people who handle all I want them to handle for me. I on the other hand, provide the content.

I work from home most times. I’m home right now and I’ll be coaching a client at 10am from home. Another client on Wednesday and one more client on Friday.

I’ll be in increasing my fees soon too and guess what??? People will still be willing to pay me.


I’ll explain to you when you come over for dinner (lol).

My husband, Wale Koya, the most amazing man on earth and my great support too. (I have to mention his name o). Ah!

Anyway, I will stop here for now. But in one last phrase, “find and do “work” that matters to you”.

Another last phrase,  “it doesn’t have to cost you much money”.

…And yet another phrase,  “I can truly help you”.

Click here to get started: www.emilywalekoya.com/mmbrand

With Love, Heels and Red Lipstick,

emily signature

We Got Branded!!!

So, Emily Wale-koya’s How to Build The Multimillion Brand Called YOU, one day intensive training was just super dupa coooool\=d/

(Pictures loading up)…

I met and fed some destiny-driven women at this training. Truth be told, my heart skipped when I first saw the calibre of women in the room (but God dey my side always). Women, so hungry and ready for radical success, I could only wish we had more time together.

Some women discovered themselves at this workshop. Some testified even while we were still on, that their inner eyes have been opened.

I couldn’t help but feel so proud and happy for everyone in the room that day.

I received some powerful messages when I got home that day. I also received gifts from participants… Do I love my job or what? You bet I do do do!

My prayer for everyone who attended is this; may what you heard be put to use so radically in your life that success itself will salute you when you both meet. (Lol).

Now, in a bid to help you on your journey of building The Brand Called YOU, I have set up this amazing facebook group just for you.

Simply follow the link below and request to join the community here: www.facebook.com/groups/mmbrand

It’s a support group and I’ll be there live whenever you need me.

I look forward to seeing you there({})

Love, Red lipstick, Red heels & loads of money=-d

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Your Journey to Self Discovery & Wealth Begins Tomorrow!

Hi Dear,

I wanted to send you a quick reminder that Emily Wale-Koya’s “How to Build The Multi-million Brand Called YOU” begins tomorrow, February 6, 2016. We still have a few spots left and I hope you will join us.

Imagine a year without fear, confusion and depression. Imagine being so clear about what you want from life and exactly what you are placed here to do. Imagine taking just one decision that will improve your life right now and give you everyday miracles!

In this training, I will help you live your most prosperous 2016!

You will be able to walk the earth with so much confidence, owning your power, driving your business, growing wealth and having fun while at it.

Most importantly, you will be able to say for yourself, like I did few a months ago too, “I feel so powerful”.

It all begins tomorrow and yes, you can still join us. (Only 3 more seats to go).

If you’re really interested in joining us for this event, please register here right now: www.emilywalekoya.com/mmbrand.

Payment details will be sent to you afterwards.
(Please note: registration fee: N15,000).

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Again, it’s time to do what you were placed on this earth to do.

It’s your call… Will you take it?

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