The Online Business world is exploding every day and right before my eyes, ordinary people like you are turning their ordinary lives to extraordinary ones. I’m saying this with all seriousness because I know what I’m talking about. You already know my story of how I went from N3,500 to N1,000,000 in 2 weeks. (Not telling this story today again sha)… *lol.

Last night I was up till 2am. What was I doing? Well, I bought a newly released book from an American Author I respect so much. So he sent me a video in return to watch and arouse my desire to make BIG IMPACT AND INCOME.

Now, while I was watching that video, he said something about making a million dollars ($1,000,000.00). He went ahead to break it down on how he made that amount of money. And as I watched and listened, I started feeling a desire swelling on my inside. Then the Holy Spirit whispered to me that I could shoot for this figure too. –Whaaat??? $1,000,000.00? (Not Naira o).

Well, I’m not someone that gives to fear of money, so immediately, I keyed in and knelt down to thank God for allowing me desire such magnanimous amount in the first place. But as I was trying to do my breakdown of how I will make a million US dollars, it hit me that I would need to make about N400,000,000 to make $1,000,000. Ah, immediately, I started to think of a better way – a smarter way to achieve this. Making N400,000,000 in Naira would be a hard nut to crack. I would need to sell and sell and sell my courses to achieve this feat. So what’s the smarter way out and to making $1,000,000.00 online? Boom, God showed me. Yes, He told me what to do and how to do it. It was so clear that I couldn’t sleep throughout the night. So I just shut my eyes and fixed my mind on Him to make it even clearer.

Friend, between you and I, my new money goal is nothing less than a million dollars! Seems too high to reach, but I will reach it and I will share my results with you right here. I will share how I became a success story with my online business while raising three kids. I will share with you how I built a multimillion dollar brand from home with just a computer and vicious desire to uplevel my life.

The road is wide open for us all, but I know only a few will take it. Only a few will get radical enough to become kings and queens in their own right. I have seen a lot and instead of watch others succeed, I am taking the steps to succeed myself. I was born in the slums, but it doesn’t mean I can’t live in the palace. This is the journey I’m on. This is the path I have chosen. What about you?
Like I said, the online business world is exploding. People are creating online courses and products around their knowledge and talents that are changing their lives forever! If you keep waiting and over thinking this thing, you will sink o. hehehe… it is time to go EPIC with the brand called you. There’s something special you have that can sell online and practically change your bank account status.
P.S: My online school, BrandMBA Academy, the world’s premier school for Personal Branding and Business, opened up to it’s first students today. Mehn…, I am beyond excited for what God has helped me do and the future plans He has for me. See ehn, I was nobody until God made me somebody. He, God showed me how to tap into my power and use it to my advantage. He, God showed me how to embrace His blessings over my life and walk, talk, act and breathe like the winner I am. Now I am without doubt that I can never ever ever live under the curse of poverty, mediocrity, confusion, laziness, etc.

The world is in need of your special gift: Give it to them now!

-Ask yourself what type of BRAND you want to build.
-Set your mind to build that BRAND.
-Start immediately to build that BRAND and don’t you dare stop even when you feel like.
…Greatness is in you.

P.P.S: If you are curious to know how I intend to make $1,000,000.00 with my online business, simply comment below asking me and I’ll be more than excited to share.
Talk soon,

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