Ever wondered why some people’s lives just always seems to be better than the rest? And why this same people always seem to succeed at all they find to do?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like – Why I’m I not married? Why I’m I not driving a car too? Why I’m I not the one everybody is talking about and dotting on? Why I’m I not the one that lives in a nice house and can travel for summer every year? Why I’m I not always having sufficient funds? Why I’m I unable to give my kids the life I truly desire for them? Why was I not born in America? Why whywhy?

I can go on and on with the “why” questions, but let me stop here.

You see, life is not all about wishes and dreams. Success doesn’t come to people who simply desire it. Rather success goes to people who ACTIONIZE their desires.

If desire alone could cut it, then we would all have loads of money, fabulous houses to live in, trips abroad, the world’s best jobs, the world’s best kids, the world’s best marriages, etc.

But it takes more than desire. The simple equation for result is: desire + action = results.

You see, it is in the doing (action) that we get results and not in the desiring.

What baffles me most times is how only a few of us are ready to act upon our dreams and ideas. Only a few of us truly have positioned ourselves to create the outcomes of our desired lives come what, come may. But still, we wonder why the grass isgreener at our neighbours.

The grass will continue to be greener at our neighbours as long as we decide to put up with shabby and pathetic way of living. Someone else will always drive the car we desire, marry in the year we desire, go on summer holiday as often as they desire, most importantly, someone else will continue to be the woman and man they truly were created to be; living life to it’s fullest!

Do you desire more in your life ? Do you want more money, better health, incredible relationships and a fulfilled life to be yours now and forever?

Then this is your chance to be part of my last workshop for the year on How to Build the Multimillion Brand Called YOU.

This training holds May 2, 2016 in the city of Port Harcourt and it will help you do the following:

  • Launch an online business that pays
  • Discover what makes you tick
  • Discover what kind of brand you are and should build
  • Build and Monetizeyour brand
  • Unleash your gifts, skills, passion and talents
  • Set up your own profitable online business from scratch like I did
  • Create online courses and programs that people will pay you for
  • Find a profitable idea even where/when you have none
  • Position you as an expert in your field
  • Find and do work/what you love
  • Attract clients endlessly with your brand

This program will mark a turning point in your life.

Yet to register?Please click this link right now: www.emilywalekoya.com/mmbrandseries/

I look forward to seeing you at this event and helping you deploy your gifts, skills and passion into something profitable and fulfilling.



If you live outside Port Harcourt city and can’t attend the live training, but still desire to have the recording, we would have it available for sale only for a limited time. Please note: you have to book for the recording before the event so it can be made available to you. The cost to obtain the recording is N10,000 if you pay before the workshop, and N15,000 if you want to buy on my site after the workshop. 

It’s time to stop chasing shadows. Its time to build the brand called you.


See you on Monday.



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