It’s my birthday today and I just turned __________!!! 12 maybe…
Would be so cool to be doing all I’m doing right now if I was just 12 years old. I would have been over the roof top if I was. Really.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for finding my voice at a time such as this and using it to relentlessly influence people for the greater good.

So, back to birthday things.

I am the birthday gurl. I am the one who is celebrating another big year. You know I was just thinking out loud when I woke up this morning. Oh I was wondering how I can triple my success by my next birthday!!!

Yeah, call me a success freak or not, I’m all about living a life of possibilities and doing what most African women, more so, women from my side of Nigeria aren’t use to. Most of us have been conditioned to think we belong to the kitchen, we belong to child bearing and rearing, we belong to the society and all. I am so unapologetically not in that school of thought o. I believe greatly that I belong to God and He has an assignment for me which I must carry out.

It is beyond groping all over the place looking for who will marry me, which hair cost better than the next, etc.

Anyhow, it’s my birthday today and I am like a Judge. We begin the court session when I say we begin and we dismiss when I say we dismiss. So I say, “case adjourned”, let everyone come parry with me (on facebook  – Maybe next year, I will invite you over to a live event.


For everything God has done for me, I thank Him non-stop. For helping me find and take my place on earth, I remain forever grateful.

No long emails today, biko girls just wanna have funnnnnnn. Oh oh oh, girls just wanna have funnn. (the song).

I’ll see you in the next post ladies and gents.

It’s your life, remember to live it to the fullest, to find what you’re good at, to celebrate yourself, establish yourself and pay yourself what you’re worth. No apologies.

Oh, less I forget and in the spirit of my birthday, I’ll be hosting a free workshop on How to Build the Multimillion Brand Called You. If you reside in the peaceful Port Harcourt city and you’re yet to register, this is your chance.

Click the link to CLAIM YOUR SPOT now:

Details for the training:

Date: April 2, 2016

Venue: (Reserved for only registered participants).

Time: 10am prompt (no Nigerian time please).

Registration fee: N15, 000 (fee has been waived just for you, so you only get to

Pay N3,000 for your lunch).

If you’re yet to register, please seize this opportunity now before I come to my senses. I have never put this event together for free. Never!

Love you like I love chocolateeexxx (lol).

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