I Just Increased My Coaching Fee and I Just Landed My First Client

I’m reeking with joy right now and I thought it would be nice to share this with you guys – my online family. Oh yes, we are family now.

Last week I started telling people who asked about my coaching program that I had increased my fees and this was the new fee.

Truth was, I had not reflected it on the blog yet when I was telling them, but in my head and between God and I, I had increased it. (Lol).

I told everyone who cared to know. And yesterday, Sunday, March 28th, I received an alert from my first paying client with the new fee.

I was excited, yet amazed. The fee isn’t so high (for some of us), but what baffled me was the fact that someone paid my new fee (which started like a joke and this person paid 7 days after the “fee hike”…

Most times, we think this to ourselves;

Who knows me?
Who will pay me?
Who will believe me?
Will this business succeed sef?
The list of doubts, mental battering as I call it, goes on and on and on….

My dear, you can do what you think you can, and yes, you can’t do what you think you can’t.

The choice is truly yours and I’m here to help if you need me. Time waits for no man. Remember, people NEED you!

I dare you ro live your highest life.

(See you at the next post).

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