Let’s Roll


It was quite unfortunate you couldn’t hear from me over the week. I truly and sincerely apologise for living you all by yourself. (although you were in my prayers daily)…

My site had some technical issues that needed sorting out and this made me unable to write to you my darling. At the moment, all that has been sorted and I’m so so so glad that I can finally reach you.

How have you been and how are you preparing for our “Break the roof” May 2, 2016 workshop

in Port Harcourt city? I truly can’t wait to see you there. Please come prepared for what promises to be one of your life’s most transforming training.

If you’re yet to register, kindly do that now, because you will not be allowed access to the workshop. Please no hard feelings, I simply just want to do things in an orderly manner – it’s how rich people roll. (lol)…

So here’s the link to register

I do not plan to write a long post today. I only wanted to reach and let you know that I am back now and you will always hear from me.

Got a burning question you wish someone could answer? Feel free to reach me on whatsapp free of charge. Here’s my direct line: 234 705 667 5971. I’ll be honoured to hear from you.

Till next week Monday.


Ensure you have a fun-filled weekend with the people that only build you up and matter to you. Stay positive, stay balanced, and keep your multimillion brand dream alive!

Love you like crazyxxx



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