Money Accelerator Program


What if you could earn $1000 or more using a proven system that works… in a matter of a few short months, (maybe weeks)?

Introducing: The Fastest Way To 4x Your Income Selling Your Expertise, Skills, Knowledge, Talents and Ideas Online…


Whether you’re a coach, consultant, author, speaker, or an established entrepreneur, or you’re just starting from scratch without any idea on how to make money online, this program is the smartest way to start making money doing what you love.

What is the ‘Money Accelerator Program’ (MAP)?


It Is A 6-Step Rapid Money Making Execution Plan On How To Package, Promote And Profit From Your Skills, Talents, Experiences And Ideas Online – (Even Without A Website). 

This is a proven plan to help you quickly make extra income from what you know or do…  More importantly, this program will help you start building a brand that will ultimately help you launch and grow your dream business.


After reading from my readers and learning their major challenges, I decided to help by creating this accelerator program to enable them, including you, fix their/your money problem fast.


Please read on if any or all of this sound like you;

  1. You hate your job and want out fast.
  2. You feel you are underpaid, but over used.
  3. You feel you deserve a better life.
  4. You are a dad who desires to do more for his family, but you don’t know how this will happen.
  5. You are a wife or new mum who feels stuck and desires badly to get unstuck, but you just don’t know how to get unstuck.
  6. You currently have a business, but you are struggling to turn in profits.
  7. You are in business, but you are about to shut down and pack up.
  8. You believe there is more to your life than what life is meeting out to you daily.
  9. …Amongst other things hindering your progress.

You are about to learn the simple, yet result based strategies for making money serving others with your gifts, skills, talents and ideas
– so you too can go from overlooked to overbooked!

This program will teach you how to:


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  • Find a profitable idea in a matter of minutes.
  • Pick a highly profitable niche to establish yourself as the go-to brand.
  • Identify your ideal audience and start attracting them right away.
  • Validate your business ideas even before spending to get started.
  • Create the perfect Facebook ad for $10 or less.
  • And more…


Includes My “Service First Strategy” that turns prospects into paying customers every time!


This is the strategy I have used and still use to sell my premium coaching program that generates six figures for me monthly.

This program is B.S FREE -- It Only Has Great Stuff That Will Help You Make More Money Fast!!!

It Is A Step By Step Course With… videos, pdfs, worksheets and templates to help you start making money in a matter of weeks – maybe days.



LESSON 01: Branding Your Ex-factor and Getting Clear About What You Want To Be Known For.

LESSON 02: How to find a profitable idea in minutes.

LESSON 03: Developing and Packaging Your Idea.

LESSON 04: Promoting and Selling Your Idea For Profit.

LESSON 05: Choosing and Setting Up Your Platform For Wealth.

LESSON 06: Money Clarity: How To Reach the $1000 A Month Mark and Surpass It.[/ordered_list]

[ordered_list]BONUS 01: Money Accelerator Companion Workbook.

BONUS 02: 30 Online Business Ideas To Start Now! (PDF).[/ordered_list]

“Emily’s Stuff works all the time… and for the amount she’s giving this away for, this lady is fire-balls incredible!”


Victoria Elam
Owner, SkinFood Limited

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Money Accelerator Program



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Emily Wale-Koya, 
Emily Wale-Koya, Founder

Why I Created This Course


Having my third child and returning home from the U.S, was the most life humbling experience I ever had. The exchange rate in my country at the time to the American dollar was over N400 to $1. It was so bad, I hardly could pay my bill. I was forced to return home with a baby who was less than 2 months old; we couldn’t afford another month’s rent.


My husband’s business too was grounded and we were already in debt. It was a terrible place to be at the time and I don’t wish even my enemy to be caught in this web. People we owed were getting agitated and they started raining insults on us.


My kids wore torn pyjamas night in, night out and this broke my heart. We had to sell 2 of our cars and eventually we were left with just one car (my car).


We prayed, fasted and waited for a miracle. Family and friends reached out to us at at some point too. It wasn’t the best of places to be at this time, and I had to figure out a way. I had to think up a solution that could allow me earn money and support my husband, instead of waiting for him.


We owed school fees, we owed friends and we owed staff. But one day, the idea and push came to me from God on what to do. I went ahead and created my first online program, an audio program. To cut a long story short, I went from $38 to $3,000 in 2 weeks selling this product. To shock myself even further, I achieved all this using just my smart phone and WhatsApp. I had no list, no product at the time and no functional website.


I have gone ahead to set up my own premium coaching program, BrandMBA that makes me six figures. I have set up my online school too, BrandMBA Academy – where I host all my courses. I am currently working on a workshop that would become a go-to hub for high achievers in Africa. I am being sought after all over the internet by people needing my services to build their unstoppable brands and online businesses.


I am a major player in my home and I understand how to call forth money from its dwelling place.


Now, I’m on mission to teach what I know and help more people create wealth. This is my forte and I help my clients achieve this faster than any other person would.


Someone said, “Money is placed right next to oxygen”. It is so critical to our existence.


If you need to earn more, then this is where it begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this program?

The internet is the new gold, so the earlier you learn and begin using it to speed up what you do, the better it will be for you. If you don’t embrace its power now, soon, you too will be among the FALLEN and FORGOTTEN.


Experts have said this about your business — “if your business is not on the internet by the year 2020, your business will seize to be a business”.


The internet will replace more than half of the jobs in only a matter of time. If you keep holding on to your job and pay check, you will be left with nothing by the time this happens.


And while your country’s currency weakens against the Naira and everyone wails and whines, a few smart heads are creating digital materials, selling it online and getting paid in foreign currency.


The internet doesn’t sleep and there is no cap to how much you can earn…


**Mind you, I’m a Nigerian living in Africa. But why do I have the cost of this program in American dollars? The singular reason is this – I have global audience for this course and currently, this course sells to people in the United States, United Kingdom, china, Malaysia, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, and all over the world. I am not limited by my country’s currency in anyway.


This is the power of the internet today. You can transact business beyond the borders of your country and you can do this from the comfort of your home.

Why $28 / N10,500.00?

I know you’re wondering why I’m giving this away for this amount, since you know the cost for my other programs and coaching offers.


So here’s my reason…, this amount gets this information within the reach of everyone interested in making money online. From seasoned entrepreneurs to starters, everyone will now have the information needed to start and grow an online business from scratch.


It also weeds out the freebie seekers who would never ever ever take action. Yes, those who never invest in themselves or business; even if you sell something to them for a $1.


I also believe that this would serve as a taster experience for you and that once you experience the MAP Program, you will want more of my main stuff and maybe, just maybe, you will come back for – let’s say my $1000 coaching program. *Lol.

How long will it take to get access to the course?



Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide. You will also be sent a mail containing how you can access this material immediately we process your payment.

How will this course be delivered?

This is a video based course that is hosted in the BrandMBA Academy, my online school for personal branding and business. What this means is, you will have access to the course using a special access link that we will send to you via email.

You will be able to log in to access your course as long as it is available in the school (for life). It also means that you can take this course at your own pace and time. No pressure (but of course you want to make money fast, so why delay your success)?

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