The online space is bursting with wealth! Everyday, women are learning the truth about this Multi-million dollar industry and a few women (sadly, only a few) have jumped right in and began their wealth journey, transforming everything about “How business should work”.

In 20/30/40 years to come, the internet/IT/digitization will surpass everything we know. (Except the word of God).

Are you still on the brick and mortar business type? (In my ever so adorable Nigerian grammar and accent – I no dey ooo)…

I’ll tell you what; setting up an online business is simpler than you think.

I have one and hey, I didn’t study IT or anything close to it in school. I only have people who handle all I want them to handle for me. I on the other hand, provide the content.

I work from home most times. I’m home right now and I’ll be coaching a client at 10am from home. Another client on Wednesday and one more client on Friday.

I’ll be in increasing my fees soon too and guess what??? People will still be willing to pay me.


I’ll explain to you when you come over for dinner (lol).

My husband, Wale Koya, the most amazing man on earth and my great support too. (I have to mention his name o). Ah!

Anyway, I will stop here for now. But in one last phrase, “find and do “work” that matters to you”.

Another last phrase,  “it doesn’t have to cost you much money”.

…And yet another phrase,  “I can truly help you”.

Click here to get started:

With Love, Heels and Red Lipstick,

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