Prayer vs Action – which produces results?

Every week, sometimes, every day, my husband and I spend thousands buying groceries and paying bills that we cannot run away from. And as we get into the car to drive home from the store, we would start talking about how useless money, albeit, the Nigerian Naira has become.

I mean, what’s the justification for just blowing N50,000 – N100,000 just like that on fuel for your car and generator, groceries, electricity bill, etc?

Our kids would go on holiday soon and when they resume, we would have to cough out school fees for another term, amidst other “buy buy” that is needed to make the term fun for them.

Things get so crazy sometimes in our home, my husband snaps most times. I don’t count myself as one who doesn’t bother much about money though. But what I do instead is to sit down and brainstorm on how rich people got rich and how I can hack their strategies.

This is life – you have a wife, you have kids, you have extended family, and you have yourself. These people must be taken care of. Especially your kids – you brought them into this world without their permission, so you owe them heaven and earth. No shortcuts!

But I know things get so hard and the money is never ever enough. So, I’ve decided to help you in this month of June and teach you a new way to think about money, most importantly, a fast way to start creating wealth. I want to cause a shift for you in your income, so that you can start being a money magnet.

Most times in Nigeria, we are used to praying like mad cows, but never taking serious action to back our prayers. And when we don’t see results, we conclude by saying “God doesn’t answer prayer”. My dear, God answers prayers of action takers. And the earlier you start moving in the right direction, the better it will be for you.

Now the big news is — I’ll be releasing my new audio program on MONEY MONEY MONEY in a few weeks. And I wanted to give you heads-up before anyone else that I’ll be opening up the pre-order window soon. When you jump in once I open this up, you will be buying this audio at half the price of N10,500.00. If you reside outside Nigeria, that would be under $30.

I have never made any of my programs this affordable before! So this is a deal breaker for you.

“Do you even realize that 16 year olds are building apps and becoming multimillionaires by the day?  Also, that ordinary people like you are launching online businesses that make them 5 – 6 figures monthly”.

When I personally started coaching as a “nobody”, I was offering my services from home and I would only get on the phone with my clients for two hours to help them solve their life or business problem.

There’s a new way money is being made around us. The internet has changed everything and now everybody is on a level playing ground. If you’re broke or jobless, you’re responsible for that kind of life. And if you are still holding on to the old ways of making money from your monthly paycheck, you will eventually fall with the fallen.

My charge to you this day is this – as you pray in your closet, ensure you take action! Think of what skills you have that you can use to solve a serious problem for someone out there.

Most African countries are suffering, but while the crowd of them throw their hands in the air, giving up and cursing their government, a few are using the internet to blaze trails and getting paid to work from home using only a laptop and a smart phone.

You already know that your current business doesn’t have the capacity to make you rich. Instead it will keep you struggling to pay bills and get by. We aren’t here to get by o, we are here to live our lives because it’s golden.

And have you ever asked yourself why only 5% of people are currently living rich and you are not!

I’ll teach you the magic and miracle of wealth. How you can use your smart phone and social skills as a money generating machine, plus how you can do it faster than you thought possible.

Once I open the pre-order window for this audio program later this week, I’ll send you a mail to order your copy.

My 110% Guarantee: It will super bless you, double bless you and over bless you. You will begin to see money in every step that you take and your inner eyes will open to the abundance that has been lying dormant inside of you.

It is time to rise up to the task and play a bigger game with your life. And if you’ve read up to this point, it means that you really desire more for yourself. So don’t stop praying, pushing, pressing and acting in the right direction until you start living your dream life.

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You’re only one decision away from making six figures from your business this year.

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Now go start your own REVOLUTION!

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