HOW TO STAY FIRED UP AFTER A SEMINAR If you’re like most people, you probably walked away from a seminar feeling pumped up, motivated, energized, inspired and ready to take on the world. But heading back into your daily hustle and bustle can make you forget all the energy you felt in that seminar true […]

We All Deserve a Life of Abundance

Waiting for other people to blow the whistle before you take off – RISKY! Waiting for your salary to come at the end of each month – BORING! Waiting till you receive a sack letter – SUICIDAL! You see my beloved, life isn’t fair at all (I’m sure you’ve heard that line before). Truly, life […]

Your Journey to Self Discovery & Wealth Begins Tomorrow!

Hi Dear, I wanted to send you a quick reminder that Emily Wale-Koya’s “How to Build The Multi-million Brand Called YOU” begins tomorrow, February 6, 2016. We still have a few spots left and I hope you will join us. Imagine a year without fear, confusion and depression. Imagine being so clear about what you […]

The Pledge to Share 99% of All that I Know For Free

One thing I’ve said I’ll do in my blogging journey and as I coach people to enjoying financial and work freedom, would be to tell the truth and nothing, but the truth. My pledge is to share 99% of what I know with you for free. No B.S, no fluffs, no cuts! So I’ve created […]