My Business Rocks

The online space is bursting with wealth! Everyday, women are learning the truth about this Multi-million dollar industry and a few women (sadly, only a few) have jumped right in and began their wealth journey, transforming everything about “How business should work”. In 20/30/40 years to come, the internet/IT/digitization will surpass everything we know. (Except […]

Your Journey to Self Discovery & Wealth Begins Tomorrow!

Hi Dear, I wanted to send you a quick reminder that Emily Wale-Koya’s “How to Build The Multi-million Brand Called YOU” begins tomorrow, February 6, 2016. We still have a few spots left and I hope you will join us. Imagine a year without fear, confusion and depression. Imagine being so clear about what you […]

The Pledge to Share 99% of All that I Know For Free

One thing I’ve said I’ll do in my blogging journey and as I coach people to enjoying financial and work freedom, would be to tell the truth and nothing, but the truth. My pledge is to share 99% of what I know with you for free. No B.S, no fluffs, no cuts! So I’ve created […]