The first ever sewing and bead training summer training class for girls is here.
What if your children had a skill they could fall back on after graduation to help themselves and their parents? What would have happened if they know that going to school, having a good grade et al, isn’t a guarantee to having a job?
Job security is not when you work in a company or with the government, its when you have a skill or trade you can fall back to, to sustain yourself and add Value to the human race.
As parents, beyond helping our children get good education, have a good life, we should deliberately   help them acquire knowledge and skills that will help them become better individuals, reliable and relevant.
They will learn soft skills in sewing/dressmaking, bead work, poise beauty and etiquette.
As a parent, imagine your child missing this opportunity? How transformed will your child be if he/she attends this summer training
 The days are clicking… Secure a spot for your child (age 8-16)
 date: 27th July- 26 August 2016
Venue: 4 king perekule‎ road GRA phase2. PH
Time:- 1st session 9:30am- 12:30pm
                2nd session 1pm-4pm
For fees and registration, please call /whatsapp 08033399796.   Call-0815 235 9946,

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