So, Emily Wale-koya’s How to Build The Multimillion Brand Called YOU, one day intensive training was just super dupa coooool\=d/

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I met and fed some destiny-driven women at this training. Truth be told, my heart skipped when I first saw the calibre of women in the room (but God dey my side always). Women, so hungry and ready for radical success, I could only wish we had more time together.

Some women discovered themselves at this workshop. Some testified even while we were still on, that their inner eyes have been opened.

I couldn’t help but feel so proud and happy for everyone in the room that day.

I received some powerful messages when I got home that day. I also received gifts from participants… Do I love my job or what? You bet I do do do!

My prayer for everyone who attended is this; may what you heard be put to use so radically in your life that success itself will salute you when you both meet. (Lol).

Now, in a bid to help you on your journey of building The Brand Called YOU, I have set up this amazing facebook group just for you.

Simply follow the link below and request to join the community here:

It’s a support group and I’ll be there live whenever you need me.

I look forward to seeing you there({})

Love, Red lipstick, Red heels & loads of money=-d

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