Do you know what really holds people back from getting what they want? Okay, I’ll share with you quickly, so please pay close attention.

Ever heard the phrase “As a man thinketh, so he is”?

Yes, that’s the deep truth – your thoughts are responsible for where you are today and what you have, plus what you don’t have. But more importantly, you are responsible for your thoughts. You are responsible for what you think and how you think.

Some thoughts you’ve been thinking:

I’m not capable, I can’t do this.

I’m too average to fit in, I won’t be heard.

I’m not a graduate; no one will listen to me.

I’ll die in this one room apartment, I will never have money required to build myself and family our dream home.

I can’t be rich, I was born poor, I’m sure I’ll die poor.

I need a job; I don’t fit to be an entrepreneur.

…and on and on you go…

Your thoughts are seeds and as you set them in motion, they bear fruits. Now these fruits can either be good or bad fruits – the outcome will depend on the kind of thought-seed you planted.

Thoughts are ideas that go into the supernatural to produce life or death. If you have life, you’re advancing, and if you have death, you’re stagnant.

Today, I want you to start replacing those wretched thoughts that have kept you stuck with flourishing thoughts that will move you forward. It is indeed your turn to be heard, but that will happen only if you first believe in yourself – believing in yourself requires you to think like a giant, a winner, a victor and a success – it starts with your thoughts.

Is it possible to have what you really want simply by thinking the kind of thoughts required to get what you want? You bet it is. I’ve seen it happen in my life many times over.

Babe, when I started referring to myself as AFRICA’S MOST INFLUENTIAL MUM IN BUSINESS, I didn’t know how fast that name will travel. Today, people refer to me as that.

Also only a few days ago, I started calling myself AFRICA’S MOST SOUGHT AFTER LIFE COACH & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER – oh you bet I know how to brand myself; that’s partly what I do for a living.

If you believe in yourself and in the power that you carry, it will be contagious and others will have no choice but to believe in you. And remember I said your thoughts influences your belief and your beliefs determine your outcome/results. If you hate the results your life is producing, then change your thoughts.

What is really holding you back from your ideal life? What is so powerful in your life that keeps keeping you away from the life you’ve been designed to live? Remember how you think affects the way you see and do things?

You may be earning a fraction of how much you truly desire to earn at the moment. Maybe you don’t even have an income and you’ve allowed this go on for years in your life. You’ve managed your way through life and everyday you keep surviving. But deep down you know that you know that you want more than what you currently have.

You know there was a time I felt stuck too. Oh yes, there was a time I had only 3,500.00 in my bank account. Things got so bad for my husband and I; we couldn’t even afford to replace our kids torn pyjamas + we had to move them into a more affordable school + we could barely feed + for months, our curtains were some silly bedsheets and wrapper. Hmm… sighs heavily – it was draining.

It made me cry. It made my husband and I fight a lot. But one day, I sat up, looked up and got off my butt to start building my master brand. And when I created my first online course, it practically changed my life. In 9 days, I hit almost 1,000,000. Then I went ahead to write a practical small ebook, started working on my website and today, I have a profitable online coaching and training business.

Babe, I already know you’re a top performer and that you’re willing to take action to build the multimillion dollar brand called you™. Just by reading this post, you’ve put yourself ahead of 75% of people who just complain about their life, their government, their kids or their job.

So, if you’re interested in exploring a new phase of a multimillion dollar brand life, I have put a brand new class together for you – starting next week.

I’ll show you how to go from overlooked to overbooked + how to start building and monetizing your expertise + how to do work you love and are good at + how to position yourself as the go-to brand + how to get started in 48 hours.

This training is completely free and holds here You can click the link now and like the page, then turn on post notification, so when I go live you will be notified by Facebook at least.

I’ll send you more details on Monday and there will be a special link for you to download the workbook for this class. Ensure you look out for my mail on Monday – tie a ribbon around your last finger if you must *lol.

It’s the weekend – have nothing but F.U.N!!! (No matter what).


Love + chocolate + cookies + Abacha xxx


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  1. Hmm , quite motivating, I learnt just now to spend more time on my high thoughts than low ones and I know soon the highs will root out the lows. I need to really be on top of my game to succeed. So help me God

  2. Wow! I can’t wait. I’ve been longing to make an impact in my life and in the life of those around me. Finally….

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