You and I have got just one life to live. One life only. How well or how poorly we decide to live it, is totally up to us.

I wake up everyday with a dominant way of thinking about my life, which is to live a life of purpose, passion, power and profit. Those are the four Ps I run with the moment I wake up to a new day. Guess what? They are paying off big time. I have a business and life I deeply adore and of course, they adore me right back (lol). I might as well say that I have found my assignment in life and I’m getting paid to pursue it. Booyah! What a way to live.

But I am disturbed from all I see around. It breaks my heart to see that we aren’t all in my kind of ship – the kind of ship that one steers in just the direction one wants to go. That kind of ship that allows you sail off and arrive where and when you want.

It breaks my heart to see most of us are in other people’s ship, going where they are going – just tagging along. What’s more devastating, is seeing how we rather stay put on other people’s ship. We never seem to want to have the kinda life we were divinely designed for.

We seem to just be content with A-V-E-R-A-G-E! We have come to believe that A-V-E-R-A-G-E is who we are and that the grass will never be green on our own side of the lawn.

3 Factors That Seem to Limit Us Time and Time Again

  1. Our environment; where we were born, where we grew up, where we presently live, the people around us, etc.
  2. Our parents; what they told us while growing up, how they lived their lives (broke, depending on Government for pension, complaining about the Government not meeting their needs, whereas, at the same time they were solely waiting on Government, some of their mates built mansions and companies they handed down as an inheritance(s) to their children.).
  3. Our Friends; what they believe, how they believe, what they have achieved, etc
  4. Our mind(s); what we believe, how we believe, how we see ourselves.

Among all four factors, #4 is the most powerful of them all. It’s the one thing we have power and free access to develop. Your mind is the seat of power and if you can get a hold of it, the other three and anymore limiting beliefs you have will automatically give way.

My Recommendations for you right now: Never wait for someone to pick you. Always dare to pick yourself first and fast! Find yourself! Employ yourself! Grow yourself! Believe in yourself! Find out what you’re great at and see how you can use that to provide a solution to someone/people’s problems. That’s how you begin the journey to wealth and financial freedom.

It’s never too late to start.

See you at the next post.

Happy New Week Guys.

Emily Wale-Koya

Founder @Multimillion Brand Called YOU

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  1. Official first time and I’m grateful this is my first read. Bless you.
    It’s never too late to start…that’s what’s keeping me afloat. But how does one break even Coach? Too many things clogging both my time and space and mind.

  2. Very well done Emily. I’m watching you while prepping myself for what I’m eventually going to do. Kudos.

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