I welcome you to a brand new week filled with power, productivity and progress.

You see, growing up was kind of hard for me. I struggled with self-esteem for such a long long long time and missed out on a lot of stuff. Hmmm, a lot of stuff was taken from me too.

I never knew I was so gifted. I never for once thought I had what it took to change my world and be paid whatever I charge for my services and products.

This takes me back to paragraph two where I said “I missed out on a lot of stuff”… So oblige me to paraphrase here – “a lot of stuff missed me”!!!

You see, I am so confident in who I am and what I’ve been perfectly wired for. I am so blessed with heavenly blessings that everything “I missed out on”, I am taking right back! I refuse to hold anything back from my world. I am super determined to give give give, until there is absolutely nothing left to give.

I have come to realize that people need me; the world needs me to play my unique role and add my own color to the rainbow. Wow! That’s just how I see life now. That’s actually how life is from my end…

I shared the above story to let you know that I have struggled with “not being enough or having what it takes”. I have been beaten, used, abused and misused. I have kept mute in groups when questions were asked, questions to which I knew the answers like the back of my palm.

So, I have stopped by to encourage you and let you know that it’s okay to struggle with stuff. It really is okay to beat yourself up for not being enough at certain points. But what is not okay is to remain that way forever. What is not okay is to beat yourself up forever. Now, that really sucks!

Truth is, you have all it takes to become all you desire to be and you can start now. It is only a matter of these four things;

  1. Knowing what you want (find out what your deepest heart desire(s) is/are, then hold on to it/them firmly).
  2. Believing in yourself and your unique gifts (stop allowing people talk you down! Stop talking yourself down!).
  3. Taking action and Stepping out with confidence.
  4. Starting from where you are and with what you already have (you have something the world needs right now; find it, craft it, sell it).

I believe in your abilities and gifts. I believe you can use them to impact the world. Now let’s do this!



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