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I wanted to send you a quick reminder that Emily Wale-Koya’s “How to Build The Multi-million Brand Called YOU” begins tomorrow, February 6, 2016. We still have a few spots left and I hope you will join us.

Imagine a year without fear, confusion and depression. Imagine being so clear about what you want from life and exactly what you are placed here to do. Imagine taking just one decision that will improve your life right now and give you everyday miracles!

In this training, I will help you live your most prosperous 2016!

You will be able to walk the earth with so much confidence, owning your power, driving your business, growing wealth and having fun while at it.

Most importantly, you will be able to say for yourself, like I did few a months ago too, “I feel so powerful”.

It all begins tomorrow and yes, you can still join us. (Only 3 more seats to go).

If you’re really interested in joining us for this event, please register here right now: www.emilywalekoya.com/mmbrand.

Payment details will be sent to you afterwards.
(Please note: registration fee: N15,000).

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Again, it’s time to do what you were placed on this earth to do.

It’s your call… Will you take it?

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